CQ Magazine 1999
Page 2, Bottom Right!


Here we see Sherman Leifer, W4FLA, at the rig at his Boonton Township, New Jersey QTH. The rig, in this case, happens to be one of the new Kachina computer integrated HF radios which Sherman uses to good advantage mainly on 20 meter SSB. Outside, atop his 91 ft. Crank up US Tower, resides a monster 7-element 20 meter Yagi on a 60 ft. Boom, and a 15 and 17 meter 9-element duo-bander on a mere 36 ft. Boom. Sherman is the proud owner of a full service computer business and seems also to have an infinity for fast, interesting cars such as Corvettes.
(Photo by Larry Mulvehill, WB2ZPI)